Hybrid Fruits - Useless of its size

In recent days I noticed a thing while I went to market to buy some fruits. The fruits which were present there were almost more bigger in size than the usual ones. A guava was in the size of a Melon. When I was starring at that and amazed "Wow..." "This Much bigger..!!!!" The shopkeeper said " It's a Hybrid Guava from Thailand. Nearer to it was a seedless grape in the size of our original Guava, Reddish Kabul pomegranate and a soft glistening big Bengaluru Cavendish Banana. When I started moving the Shopkeeper said sir " All are of good taste and are more sweeter than the non hybrid ones". "Is sweetness is the only taste that a fruit is having...??"

These bigger and more sweeter fruits are how much safer for body and for agriculture..!!!???

The reason to prescribe the fruits to eat is that they contain the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and all other stuffs we need in a tasty, juicy combination. But these giant sized hybrid fruits contain how many nutrients. The answer is that they only contain more fibre and fruit juice with a very little amount of nutrients.

Grapes which are grown near my home town has seeds. But even these seeds are highly nutritious. They reduce the risk of Heart attack. They contain a compound called "Risvetrol" which reduces the risk of Heart attack. But without knowing these medicinal properties of seeds we keep throwing them. Here emerged the activities of foreign countries. They started to exchange our seeded grapes with seedless bigger sized grapes to a high rate. Then they extracted the grape seed oil, integrated in a capsule and started to sold them as nutritional tablets. So, we lost our natural heart attack reducer and now buying a synthetic one which does the same at higher price.

Hybrid Vs Original

Already almost most of the fruits now we having are hybrid varieties and more and more hybrid varieties are being imported which makes me to fear that whether it'll affect the usual healthiness of all fruits. Another bad side effect of these hybrids are they need huge amount of fertilizers which potentially spoils the land.

On seeing this some may comment that think practically how can we make food for this huge population with these small amount of land we have, If we keep on having farms were to have houses for us to live. But probably the answer is with them. We can do "sky farming". So, please avoid these overgrown useless fruits and let's change back to our old traditional healthy fruits and lead a healthy life