Germ Layer Derivatives


The Germ Layers are the one which will develope into various body parts in the later stage of development of an embryo.

Actually when an embryo developes it first developes from a single cell called zygote which is a diploid because of the fusion of two haploid male n Female gametes

After the Fusion of Gametes. The zygote will undergo repeated multiplication to form a ball like multicelled structure.

After the formation of a multicelled structure the cells realign to form the three layers called the germ layers
Formation of 3 Layered germ cells are only in Highly advanced animals.
Low level organisms will have only two germ layers namely Ectoderm and Endoderm

These three germ layer cell has the capacity to transform into any type of cells. This capacity is called pluripotency

Later these cells will form various parts

The development of Various Organs from Three germ layers of EMBRYO are

Germ Layer Derivatives
Outer layers of integument and nervous system.
Internal Ear
Enamel of Teeth
Muscles, Bones and Connective Tissues
Excretory organs
Reproductive organs
Lining of the gut, Primordial germ cells, Lungs
and gills.