A New Element to enter the Periodic table

A new Super Heavy Element with atomic Number 115 was discovered. This new element is soon going to join the periodic table.

For now No name has been given to this element. It is temporarily called as "ununpentium". In Latin "ununpenntium" means 115.

Atomic number is the Number of Protons or electrons an atom possess. Nature has elements heavy as Uranium which contains 92 protons. Elements having atomic number higher than 92 are generally man made elements. We are artificially creating more elements just by Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion is a process in which smaller atoms are fused together to get a bigger atom.

In this experiment Calcium which has 20 protons was bombarded with Americium containg 95 protons

As a result of this fusion a new heavy element containing 115 protons was created. Scientists are creating new elements to explore the ultimate power of these elements which could help us in the future by it's extra-ordinary properties and so on.