Access Blocked websites

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Hi Guys,
Access blocked websites by using the https version of its Google cache. It’s like a free https proxy from Google and very fast loading.

In most colleges and schools, the content of certain sites is blocked using filters or firewalls. Normally in such case, most of us use free web proxies or vpn services. But most of these web proxy services are either slow or already blocked by the firewall and VPN servers are charging heavily per bandwidth.

The best method to try out in this case is by using google’s https cache service. This cache is linked directly to the secured https version of the site’s content in google servers. [you can access the google cache of any site by searching for cache:example.com in the search box]

HTTPS version could be added by entering an ‘s’ after the http cache url or you can download an extension for google chrome which converts all google cache link to its secured version.


Ganapathy said...

Wanna access fb inside college campus...?
Go to hidebehindproxy.com
then enter facebook.com in the address bar given in that site............

Gowty said...

Nice Dude... But our College block it too very soon

Daria Wilen said...

I have a VPN installed on my Galaxy SII and it works fine. I am using "Hotspot Shield" VPN Android Software Download that provide me complete anonymity on public wifi hotspots. I also use it to save money on my mobile bill because it also supports bandwidth data compression feature.