Male angler Fish - A parasite

Angler Fishes are bony fishes whose head has a fleshy growth with a bioluminescent lobe to act as a lure and catch it's prey.

Angler Fishes are well known after the release of the Movie "Finding Nemo"

A pretty thing about these ugly fishes is the way they mate.

Male angler fishes are 5 times smaller than Females. Females are usually more than a Palm size while males are only the size of a finger.

Males have a well developed sensing organs (Olfactory organs) from birth. So they can easily spot the "pheromone" a hormone released by females and can reach them. Due to their small size it's difficult for them to find the food on their own. In Some other cases the digestive tracts of the males may be stunted so that they cannot digest the food they eat thus urging them to find a female for their survival

When they find a female they will get attached to it by biting the skin of female. Then it will lead a parasitic life with female gaining food and nutrients from their shared circulatory system and in return they'll deliver sperms.

What an extraordinary way of mating....!!!!!!