Hug your loved one - Be Healthy

Almost everybody of us like to be hugged by our loved ones.

Hugging is not just a matter of holding others. It's biologically a good way to keep yourself healthy.

How many of you know the biological effect of hugging a person. Hugging a person possibly has effect on your health and mentality.

Recent studies at Vienna university shows that whenever you hug a person your blood pressure is normalized and as a chain reaction normalized blood pressure reduces the risk of heart attack. And also Memory power is also increased to an appreciable extent.

The reason is that whenever you hug your loved one the Master Gland pituitary located at the back of the brain near the hypothalamus starts secreting a hormone which is one among the 8 hormones secreted by pituitary ( 6 from Adenohypophysis and 2 from Neurohypophysis ).

The Hormone secreted is called OXYTOCIN which reduces the blood pressure.

These positive reactions are occuring only when you hug your loved ones such as Close Friends, Lover, Spouse, Parents and Siblings.

But if you hug an unknown person the result is negative. Hormone is not secreted properly resulting in reverse effect increasing Blood Pressure and Lowering memory.

So, Friends Keep hugging your Loved ones Be Happy