Brahmos - The only supersonic cruise missile in the World

India and Russia are the only countries to posses supersonic cruise missiles in the world.

Brahmos the first supersonic cruise missile named after two rivers namely "The Brahmaputra" of India and "Moskva" of Russia.

Brahmos is Air - Air or Surface to Air Cruise missile an outcome of Joint Venture between India and Russia just like the Sukhoi - T50.

It can be launched from a variety of launchers, even from submarines.

It has a speed of 2.5 Mach. One Mach is the speed of sound in air or vacuum.

While even USA's cruise missile is j

ust subsonic having a speed of 0.9 Mach.

Brahmos - II a Hypersonic missile is now in Induction phase expected to be moving at a speed of  7 Mach.
It'll be introduced by 2015.

Proud to be the First and only country to posses a supersonic cruise missile.
Proud to be Indian