Wireless USB Adapter

A Week back I was searching to get a wireless USB adapter as I was using Tamilnadu Government Laptop which doesn't has an inbuilt wi-fi connectivity. What I need was an External USB device which when connected should give Wireless connectivity to my Lap.

Note : For those who don't know what is a Wireless USB adapter. These are external USB devices which when connected to a PC or Lap will give the ability to receive Wi-Fi signals. Some USB adapters like the one given below will have the ability to work as a Wi-Fi Hotspot too

I was reading reviews from all the products and my budget was within the range of 650 INR. After reading many positive reviews about TP-Link's products I decided to purchase them and ordered for the TP-Link's WN 721N.

As usual Flipkart delivered on time. I got the product within two days of my ordering. The packaging was well and good. This is why people started liking flipkart and the other thing is their low price.

I was really interested to use that Wi-Fi adapter in my college Hostel's campus as there was no Wi-Fi router in my home. There are 8 routers in My campus and each floor contains two modems and in our side the nearest modem is 15 meters away and the others modems range will be from 25 - 30 Meters. I thought that the product will receive low signal because of this distance. But to My surprise My Lap read all those access points names and I was getting around 4-5 bars in some nearby ones and 2-4 bars in others.

The product is a little big but it has a better reception when compared to other products at this price range. As a Hosteller I was able to use more than a dozen of these USB adapters of different companies and TP-Link works out to be the Best with High signal receiving strength.

If you are looking for a product with High receiving strength I would prefer this one personally.