Curious body Facts

Our Human body is one of the most unusual and curious thing ever. Almost if we look into what is happening even in small things such as How we move our legs or something we'll just get surprised by the way it works.

There some interesting facts our body which will be unimaginable and shocking. Letz have look at some of those facts.

1. Each molecule of DNA can store upto 2 Gigabytes of Genetic Information.

2. A molecule of DNA will be 2 meters in length when expanded. Such a lengthy thing is condensed and packed in a nucleus of size 10 Micrometers ( 1 Micro meter = 10^-6 Meters ).

3. Our Intestine is about 9 Meters long and our Large intestine is about 4.5 Meters long.

4. Our Brain can store about 100 Trillion bits of data.

5. The nerve impulses travel at an average of 350 Kmph and the fastest nerve impulse is 543 Kmph.

6. If our nerves are removed and stretched they are about 95000 kilo meters in length.

7. The world's fastest working computer doesn't have reached even 1% of our brain's capacity.

8. Our brain 20% of cardiac output and 20% of oxxygen supply.

9. Longest cells are neurons which is 1 Meter in length.

10. Our stomach's wall regenerates once in 3 days. If it doesn't happen the HCl produced in our stomach will digest our stomach.