Elasticity and Plasticity

Properties of matter It includes
Elasticity,Plasticity,Stress,strain,Surface tension etc.........

Elasticity is the
property of the material of a body by virtue of which the body
regains its original shape when the deforming force is removed.

There are a few bodies, which do not show any tendency to recover
their original shape after the removal of deforming force. Such bodies are
called plastic bodies.

The property by virtue of which the body does not
regain its original shape after the removal of the deforming force
called plasticity.

Restoring force developed in an elastic body during deformation is
quantitatively equal to the external force applied to cause the deformation.

The stress is defined as the restoring force developed per unit area of
the body. Its unit is N m-2

If there is a change in the shape of a body by the application of a deforming
force, then the body is said to be strained. The strain produced in a body
is defined as the ratio of change in dimension to its original dimension.