Sea of Stars


Sea of Star - Vadhoo Islands in Maldives

Vadhoo Islands in Maldives also known as Sea of Stars for the astonishing and Mind blowing colours at the shore given out by a PhytoPlankton. A place which is best suited for Honeymooners, Nature Lovers...

Probably you'll find this spot in the list of Sunbath takers and Honeymooners. Two eyes wont be enough to see this incredible beauty of Mother Nature. It looks like our Mother Nature has decorated herself with blue Lights.

These glistening blue stars are nothing but a group of phytoplanktons especially the "Dinoflagellates". These phytoplanktons has a special property of fluorescing called "Bioluminescence". They contain a chemical called "Luciferase" which helps them to glow. They usually glow when the oxygen in the water is stirred up because of ships or wave motions.

Here this Mild Blue light is due to the presence of numerous planktons which are washed off the shore.


Bioluminescence is an amazing phenomena of the plant and animal world.

It is the capacity of a plant or an animal to glow under certain conditions using the chemical reactions taking place in them

Insects such as Fireflies and fishes such as Angler Fishes and some jelly fishes show these phenomena.

Usually bioluminescence is used to distract their enemies and to protect themselves from getting eaten. They are also used to attract the prey in case of Angler fish. Turning on these bright colours will distract the enemies and make them to move away. But Fireflies use these to attract their mates.

For Deep sea organisms like Angler fishes they provide multiple advantages such as they help in finding the food, help in finding a mate and also to protect them from predators.


Phytoplanktons are small microbes which are present in seas and oceans. They form the base of food chains of Oceans. They provide food to many sea creatures such as shrimps, sea anemones, jellies and much more. 
Bioluminescent phytoplanktons have a rigid shell. They Mostly belong to "DinoFlagellates" .They rely on ocean currents to travel. Even though they are cute if they grow in large amount then they will consume all the oxygen of water and the nearby fishes will die this phenomena is called Algal Bloom