The Nuclear bomb


Atom bomb
Two hemispheres of the same fissionable material U235 or Pu239 each of
mass lesser than critical mass are kept apart by a distance
When the bomb is to be exploded a third piece of U235 in the form of
a cylinder is propelled, so that it will fuse together with the other two pieces.
Since the total mass now is greater than the critical mass of the fissionable
substance, the uncontrolled chain reaction takes place

The atom bomb explosion and its model

During the time of explosion, the temperature rises to millions of degree celsius
and the pressure rises to millions of atmosphere. The explosion is accompanied
by a violent and intense blast of visible light, ultra violet, and x-rays causing a
blinding flash. In addition, a large amount of radioactive radiations and neutrons
are also released.

The atom bomb shortly called NUKE(Nuclear bomb)Its logo