Likes - A potential Privacy problem in FB - A working solution

As Facebook is getting updated everyday they are giving us more options to keep our photos and other life events private and secure from others
But getting many likes even from known people is a big  privacy problem
A simple Example may explain it better

If A person named Sam likes a photo of Ram....

Then in the Timeline of Sam a new post will appear like this...

"Sam likes a photo"

Every Friends of Sam can see it which may lead to loss of privacy of Ram.

By Now, There's an working solution to get rid of these problem

Go to your Friend's list

Then select any one Friend. A popup box will open and click settings

Then remove the tick option from comments and likes

That's all... Gotcha..!!!!

But you have to do it for every friends
If you want to stay private on Facebook.. Don't upload your photos that's the only way