Medical over dosage - A potential health problem

Medical overdosage has become on of the risk factors of human life. Particularly in developing countries like India medical overdose has become a serious problem. People are buying medicines on their own without any prescriptions. They will buy heavy dose medicals if the health is not restored with usual medicines. This is where the problem begins.

Heavy dose medicines may probably restore their health better. So the next time they'll buy the heavy dose in the beginning itself. The Result is the risk of being get toxicated by medicines. Side effects will be worse resulting in a toxic stage or even death

The best and very common examples of Medical over dosage are Paracetamol toxicity and Aspirin poisoning

As these two medicines paracetamol (acetaminophen Generally called doloper ) and 

Aspirin (acetyl salicyclic acid) are drugs used in common they are the major cause of 

medical poisoning.

Have you ever thought that these small Paracetamol can also cause severe harmful effects on your body? Well, most of us would not even believe it, as we have known to use Paracetamol randomly and very regularly. On a Monday morning when we wake up with a mild fever or head ache, we gulp in a Paracetamol and we are good to resume our duties. This is the ease with which we take a Paracetamol. But, it is time we know about this 

other facet of Paracetamol which has been unknown for a long time.

People commonly use paracetamol of 500 milligrams. These tablets should not be used 

continuously. There should atleast 4 hours gap between successive tablets.

Eating paracetamol of 6 grams a day may even lead to death.

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Paracetamol overdose is one of the main reason for acute Liver Failure

In general activated carbon is generally to used to cure these as activated carbon has high adsorbing capacity so it will adsorb the toxic medicals from our body

A news has been reported in TamilNadu, India that a person who used to have heavy dose medicines frequently is now suffering from an unknown disease. The effect is that now he cant use any other medicines
In case of medical over dosage consult a doctor or Physician immediately

So please use medicines with care. Dont use heavy dose medicals without the prescriptions of a Physician