Tiger a symbol of Fertilty

In underworld black market The most sold goods are drugs.

Then the weapons.

Next to these two may be a shock to us but it's the real fact. Wildlife Hunting is next to it.
And Tiger Hunting is one of the most important thing in these

The following animals are in the hitlist of these black market

1. Tiger
2. Cheetah.
3. Elephant
4. Deer
5. Star tortoise
6. Sea horse.
7. Corals etc...

These animals are hunted mostly to make ornaments or they are believed to have medicinal properties.
Almost $2000 crores of money is flowing in this black market

Tiger My National animal

Tiger the National animal of my country once found world wide with a population in lacks a century before is in the verge of extinction with a population in 1000's these days. According to 2011's statistics there are only 1,706 Tigers left in India :(

Tiger Hunt

Tiger hunting group consists of three persons.

First the Hunters, Next Smugglers, then Vendors

Hunters will infiltrate the small villages in forests and tiger living areas as in the name of vendors selling Bedsheets, over coats, circus artists... etc...

Summer season is their choice. Because there'll only a few places which has drinking water. So, Tigers
have to come there. Hunters will place traps in there.

Once a tiger is caught they will go in front of it. It'll roar tremendously. When it opens it's mouth they kill the tiger by hitting the tiger with a spear in it's mouth :'(

Those inhumans are killing the Tiger so cruelly to get the skin undamaged.

One Tiger One Crore

Before a decade one kilo of tiger bone was sold more than a Lack. But now it has increased more than 10 folds and now one tiger is nearly going upto a crore.

Chinese believe that having a tiger is a matter of prestige, strength etc. So their Government has set up farms and started growing tigers. But the traditional medicinal practicetioners believe that only wild tigers are more effective. So, Tiger killing increased.

Even though in the year 1973 almost 80 countries jointly created a citation that Tiger shouldnt be grown like this china is still practicing these.

Importance of Tiger

You may wonder why am giving this much importance to tiger. There's a reason.

A forest where tiger lives is considered as the wealthiest forest.
Tigers live only in areas where 1000's of tropical deers are present. And deers live only where there's plenty of tropical grass with high density of trees.

So, If a tiger is present it means that the nearby surroundings are highly fertile.

Only when we have trees. we'll get rain.
And without rain there's no chance for our blue planet to exist

Source : Vikatan

Translation : Rocking Guy