Tips for Baby Care

After Hearing the Shocking news that Baby Powder's contain extreme volumes of cancer inducing "Ethylene Oxide" parents are in a fear whether to use which products for babies under two years..

Babies don't need talc / powders. These powders usually clog the pores of the skin. Let the child to be natural

Once a week a massage using mild hot sesame oil or coconut oil is enough

Don't use Combs. Use your hand mildly for hair dressing.

Perfumes must be avoided.

Loose cotton shirts are most welcomed.. Avoid using tight shirts

Don't use napkins for more than 3 hours. Use napkins only when it's extremely necessary. Avoid using at normal times or when being in home.

Artificial Lipsticks, Lip gloss, Eye liners and other make up items must be avoided.

Bangles may irritate the child.So Avoid it.

Avoid staying in A.C for too long.

Avoid packaged and preserved foods.

Babies must be given Breast milk until a Minimum of 6 Months.

Wash babies cloths using less intense soaps. Insecticides or Germicides are not needed. It May harm the Child.