Safeguard yourself from being watched

After NSA's spy program PRISM was revealed everybody's talking how to safe our private info from being spied by NSA.

Even the words you search on google are saved in their servers all the time. Some May say they cannot trace me as am using Incognito window. Even though you use incognito there'll be continuous transmission of data between you and that site via cookies. Thus they always keep spying on them unless or until we stop using them

At the present scenario a life without Google and Facebook is Unimaginable. A way to escape from this problem is

1. Dont give your personal details in facebook.

2. Use search engines such as www.duckduckgo.com which wont save your search history

3. Try using private VPN's

4. Avoid using Facebook, Skype and Google talk for Instant chat. Instead of that use https://jitsi.org

5. Emails send your emails always after encrypting it. To perform an encryption there's a technology called Pretty Good Privacy shortly called PGP.For the ease of handling a site is there called http://www.enlocked.com. try it.

6.Finally coming to Calls and SMS. How to safeguard ourselves from being watched. Tech solutions are now available even for that. A software released by www.silentcircle.com encryts all your conversations

Note : For those who dont know about encryption. A short intro for you.

If you want to send some inforamtion to your friend privately. U can send it by using Encryption. When you encrypt a file or data the encrypting software splits or re arranges the file in such a way that no one can read it. You'll need a special keyword to decrypt the file.

At current position the most popularly used encryption is "Public Key Encryption" in which two keys are generated one is the public key which can published to anyone and the second is the Private key which shouldnot be published.

If I want you to send me a message privately then I'll a generate both the keys and will send the public key to you. Using that you can encrypt your mail and send it to me. Then i'll decrypt it using the Private key which I already have.

PS : Both the Public and Private keys are mathematically related but only with the knowledge of a public key it's extremely hard to find a private key

If we start using encryption then these spying agencies are not going to get anything useful