Independence day - A day to be Proud for being an Indian


A day to be Proud for being an Indian
A place of Wonders and People with Values....
There is diversity but there is unity
there are people but there is democracy
there are poles but there are principles
there are religions but there is secularity.
there are beliefs but they have basis
there are riots but people have rights
there are leftists but there are rightists too
there are plains but there are Himalayas

there is arid Thar but there is Cherrapunji
there are slums but there are infrastructure
there are problems but there are solutions too

YES there is a place - INDIA

In this prestigious occasion Let all of us take some promises to keep our country Lively and with Prosperity

1. I'll try to buy Indian Made products at all costs.
2. I'll give respect to my country and to my Flag
3. I'll serve my country in the Future for the welfare of Nation
4. I'll save the dignity of Women.
5. I'll respect the service of our Military Personnels guarding there
6. I'll understand that savings is saving our country from economic failure (bankruptcy) and will save money
7. I'll Help the poor whenever possible
8. I'll take care of my parents in their old age.
9. I'll never give or get bribe.
10. I wont vote for Money

11. I'll Plant trees and promote Green
12. I'll Protect the Forests of our Nation
13. I'll avoid plastics if possible
14. I'll work for the development of our country with Intelligence in brain and Love in Heart...

Let all us take a pledge infront of God that I'll follow atleast one of these rules from today


With Love and Respect on My Nation