Measure human static current - Science fair

A simple experiment to find out whether the person is affected by hypertension or hypo tension.
Just an ammeter and two metal plates is enough to do this test.
Note : Image is just for a better lock... Real flow of electrons will cause only small sparks

Procedure :

Take an ammeter in the range of 0-100 Microamps.

 Connect the two terminals of the meter to separate metal plates.

 Place your hands on the metal plates.

 The Meter will read a value between 40-80 Micro-amps.

 If the value if above 80 the person is suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension. If it is below  40 the person is experiencing hypo tension or low blood pressure.

Reason :

The reason behind is that normal blood flow in our body will create a charge flow (static charge). . When blood pressure is low the flow of charge is less thus causing a low static charge when we measure. Similarly at high blood pressure the high flow rate of blood causes more charges thus causing high amount of current