Play games in Fullscreen Mode in Laptops without Changing the game resolution

Many people out there who has bought laptops recently are facing these problems and I too got stuck into that.

Due to Higher screen resolution of these newly emerged LED screens most of the games wont support
"Full screen" and half of the screen will become padded with black color like in a 4:3 Screen.

Here's a tutorial on how to resolve this problem and enjoy full screen gaming experience

Here are the steps...

Step 1: Go to Control Panel -> Intel GMA Driver For Mobile (This may vary depending upon your video driver)

(Windows 7 & 8 Users can open their video driver in very short steps which is given below)

Step 2: Select the General settings in display settings.

Step 3: In that change the scaling option from "Maintain aspect ratio" to "Scale Full Screen". If it is already in "Scale Full Screen" then change it once and change it back to "Scale Full screen". Then apply and save the settings...

That's it... :) Now you can enjoy games in Full Screen

Note : If you don't Know how to open your video driver here's another shortcut. This works only For Windows 7 & Windows 8 users.

Step 1 : Right Click -> Graphic Properties