Android got Hacked


Recently a program was held on computer hacking. The program's objective was to hack the latest and one of the famous mobile operating system "Android". At first the competitors were not able to hack the OS. But at the second competition that was conducted the competitors were able to hack the OS and even to bring the control of all the features available on the smart phone containing that OS. They were able to use the smart phone as a spy.

A simple example is the hackers used the camera and GPS ( Global Positioning System) to find the exact location of the mobile and were able to know the activities of the owner of the mobile.

Some others even used the advanced features of the mobile such as Sensors including the accelerometer and Proximity sensors.

A smart phone was placed near a keyboard. It's accelerometer sensor usually detects vibrations. These vibrations were used to find out the keystrokes of the keyboard and the results matched almost 80%. That  is the hackers were able to find the keystrokes with 80% accuracy.

If the good people can hack this OS at this moment it wont take much time for the bad ones to do the same as in this information age even the bad ones are matching up their intelligence with good people. So, It's now the time for the OS makers to built the OS more secure.