Super Bug - Beware

With the development of new medicines the usage of aritificial or synthetic medicines is increasing day by day. The problem with this is that with the more usage of synthetic medicines the more the resistance is developed by the microbes.

A person is encountering an infection due to a microbe for the first time. He uses a drug and gets well from that infection. After some years he gets the same infection but this time the old drug dosage is not working. So he goes for a heavy dosage. Later again he got infected by the same microbe and this time even the heavy dose of drug is not giving a relief. This is because the microbe has developed resistance against the drug administered. But with the further evolution of the microbe its resistance against the drug has increased tremendously. This is called " Super bugs ".

Generally super bugs are not found in the nature by itself. They are formed because of the drug we use. So we are responsible for the formation of drug resistant super bugs.

A Super bug will not respond to any of the known drugs. A person at Delhi was found to have super bug in the year 2011.

Even more vulnerable versions of Tuberculosis were also noted.

If a person  gets infected by a super bug and another normal microbe. Even the normal microbe cannot be destroyed by the medicines since the super bug present will deactivate the effect of the drug administered. So the person is more vulnerable to all other diseases.

So, please avoid over usage of synthetic medicines.