Shadow Illusion

Optical illusion is one of the interesting phenomena that we experience because of the complexity and excellent power of the human brain.

One of the best illusion is the shadow illusion.

See the image below we can notice two color boxes. But the truth is that these two boxes are of same color.

Can u believe this...!!!!

Still dont belive it...

Now place your hand on the screen where those two boxes meet.

What did u see now.


Still confusing...

Use eyedropper tool from an image editing software. You can realize that both the colors are the same.

This effect is called shadow illusion effect.

This happens because our brain considers that the top box is in behind of the bottom box. Now our brain relates the image with our past experiences. What happens when a thing is behind another. Generally we can see a shadow of the first object on the object which is behind it. So the object appears darker. Similarly
a shadow is considered  to be there by the brain itself. So we are noticing it as two separate colors.