Adhaar - A spy..???

Adhaar Identity card. These words are popular now-a-days. "Adhaar is not an identity card. It's only a identification number " says Mantek singh Aluvaliya who is the head of the Planning commision. Human rights activists also are saying the same that " It's not an Identity card it's a survey index. This is against our law and order ".

Serious debates are going on regarding the " bio-metric identity card or The Adhaar card ". Till now these cards were given to 24 crore people. But still now our government hasn't announced an obvious, clear-cut notification regarding the card. They are doing this just like an undercover operation. What is the need for doing so...?? Something phishing is going around here..

Unique Identification Authority of India headed by Nandhan neelkeni is doing this survey. This is not a part of our Government. This is a private organisation...!!!!!!. Usually very big schemes like these are discussed in the parliament and laws are created. But these didn't happened in the case of Adhaar. "Infosys's" Nandhan Neelkeni was directly appointed as " Adhaar chairman " by Prime Minister. Now the Survey is moving at a fast rate.

What Adhaar supporters say is " If we have that card, government's subsidies can be easily given out and deposited in people's account as money.".. N even they are advertising attractively as " your Money in your Hand ". But what is the truth...???

What is the meaning behind the saying that we will give the subsidy amount...??? At present 30kg rice is given to each family at a rate of 1rs per kg... From now we will give you the subsidy amount ( 30 rs in this case ) you get the necessary rice from anywhere.. This what our government is saying. With this 30rs we cant buy even a kg of rice at Market price.

Not only rice.. But even other subsidies such as " Gas Cylinders, Agriculture, education, health,... etc " only as money. So we have to buy these stuffs by using our own money. What to do if they give  200rs for gas cylinder and increase it's rate to 1000 rs....????? There's no Guarantee from the Government that prices wont levitate.

Some are saying that " The Multinational companies are stressing our government to bring these scheme..Only If the Public distribution system ( Ration ) is destroyed it will fill wallmart's treasury. If all the ration shops are closed then there will be no ration rice.. Consequently there will be no paddy purchasing by the government from the farmers. As a result Paddy purchasing will get privatized. Then Food products will get hoarded and an artificial demand will be created and the prices will go up.. This is what our Congress government is going to do..

Our Government wont stop by this.. They will then close all the Government Hospitals, Schools, Colleges

What happens when there is no Govmnt Hospitals for poor, No Schools for Poor to get education, No colleges... That's all no one can save the poor from falling apart.

Finally the Majority people who are below the poverty line has no way to live.....

Even to take the Finger print of a single finger of a Criminal police has to get permission from the court.
But a private organisation is taking the finger prints of all the details, Retinal scan and all these things without permission..

Are we still supporting that card which is going to be a spy monitoring us all at each and every moment of time.

Is this Just a biometric card I dont think so.. It's more than a spy. If someone lose his/her card that's all the thief can retrieve all the information about us. Is this what we need. Instead of helping for the people our government tries to pullout from their responsibilities by selling us all to Foreign Companies like Wall Mart. This Government is loyal only to Money not to people...

This aadhaar card is part of Caste census...

As the aadhaar card is supplied at a faster rate share this info and its bad effects about the adhaar card help Indians...