Repair broken headsets

Almost everyone are using ear phones these days. A problem with these ear phones is that usually they get broke at the point of separation to left and right ears.

That's all It's over. I have almost a dozen of these broken headsets and was wondering what to do with these and how to repair them. Just joining the broken wires wont repair it we have to solder it correctly.

So a simple step to repair these headsets.

Just buy a solder Iron. It's even cheaper than a new headset.

Before Going into steps just know some basic things which will come in handy

In a stereo headset there will be three wires before the junction point (The place where single wire gets splitted into two).

A blue one, A red One and a Yellow one.

The Yellow one is the Power supply line
The red is for right ear
The blue one is for left ear.

Now Cut all the wires into three ( One before junction point with the 3.5mm jack, one wire with a speaker for left ear and another for right ear )

Now Join the yellow / Gold wires of all the three wires and solder it.

Join the Red  wire of one wire with the Red from Jack
Join the Red wire from another speaker to Blue wire from the Jack.

That's all Enjoy back the Music...