Engineers hover over Tidal and Wave Energy

Water - A matter which is omnipresent in our blue planet has a very huge potential. It has a density almost 800 times more than air.

So Building a generator which could withstand the tremendous force generated by water has made it hard to develop the next generation of hydro power.

Till today the only way to obtain hydro energy is to build a dam across a river and harness it's energy. But building dams require huge amount of time and Money and they don't provide constant electricity and is dependent on rainfall.

Tidal Energy

Tidal energy one among the most predictable energy sources can be harnessed only through building massive dams which impend the flow of water till recently The Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC) developed a new type of Hydro Generator called the TidGen which can be placed at the bottom of a free flowing deep river or a ocean bay.

The Tid Gen sits at the bottom of the floor of a bay 60-150ft deep. It has Tear Foil Shaped turbines to rotate in single direction whatever may be the flow of water. A Magnetic Generator is connected to four of the turbines and generates upto a peak of  180 kW... But ORPC plans to build a 5 MW generator within next 2 - 5 years

2. Wave Energy

Wave energy are more stable than Tides and has a higher potential and are spread almost throughout the world. But they are more tougher and violent that a the generator and turbines has to be made with more stronger and tougher materials or else it will break. A London based company called 40South developed a new generator which smartly adjusts its positions to find the optimum conditions and will escape storms. The Generator's upper half is attached to a suspended platform and it's lower half is Fixed to the water bed.
40 South plans to build its first generator with 150kW capacity at Tuscany, Italy. Now they are developing a 2MW version to deploy at a Pilot - Wave Energy Park in India