Remove the Virus which closes the Anti Virus programs automatically

Many are facing problems from viruses and we get irritated when we are unable to remove. In recent days I experienced a critical virus which shutdowns all anti virus programs.
Here are the steps to remove that virus.


I had AVG Internet Security 2012 and Malwarebytes for removing viruses and malwares. But after my PC get affected by that virus when ever I open Anti Virus programs it will close automatically.

It Closed AV :


I noticed a pattern in this. Even if a website contains a word Virus it closes the browser itself. Programs like CCleaner will also close.

So I just renamed the CCleaner's exe file to Game.exe. You can rename it to anyother which doesnt contain the term virus. Then I opened the CCleaner using the renamed file and found out the startup entry and deleted it. But that Nasty Virus re entered itself.

So opened the Registry editor and tried to edit the registry value of that virus... Really genius (!!!!) virus.. It Closed that too -_-

Clean the Virus

And Finally I found a way to remove that Virus.. Download Combofix from

Copy it and paste it in your desktop

Now Again paste the same file in your desktop with the Name Game

Refer the Image for better understanding

Now run the program by double clicking the renamed File.

It will took some time possibly it will took upto 15 Minutes. And It'll submit a report

While the process is going on it will ask to Shutdown all the running antivirus programs.
As we cannot even open the Anti Virus program User Interface just click ok

Then the Program will start running..
Ignore any threats that your antivirus program shows while the program is Ongoing.

After the Process is completed. Reboot ypur system and Run your Anti virus program it'll work Fine.

I Run my AVG and Found some more Viruses
Malwarebytes detected 532 Infections.

That's it Reboot and Enjoy. U have removed the Virus