Living electric Conductor - A Shocking story

Raj Mohan of Kerala. India also known as "Current" Mohan by locals is known for his surprising ability to conduct current. He is capable of conducting high amounts of current which usually kills normal people.

Raj Mohan conducts 10 Amps of current through his body to a Electric driller which is enough to kill and toast a normal human

Our Heart has two nodes called Sino Auricular node (SA node) and AtrioVentricular node (AV node). These two nodes send electrical impulses at regular intervals of time for normal working of heart. But when electricity exceeding the current of value of this impulses is passed it causes change in these electrical impulses resulting in irregular heartbeats causing heart attack and death.

Also High amounts of current ionizes (as in Electroplating) the blood constituents causing them to separate and go out of function which causes death.

It's really interesting how he is capable of conducting this much amounts of electricity