Charge your mobile in just 20 seconds

The world is undergoing fast digitalization everywhere... Almost everybody's having a Cellphone, a Laptop or Tablet or some similar digital items. But the problem with these items is the time they take to charge.

They charge more than for hours. An 18 year old Girl of California has found a solution for this and she has been awarded a grant of $50000 at the "Intel International Science and Engineering Fair"

Eesha Khare has developed a Super Capacitor which could charge a phone in just 20 Seconds. "Super Capacitors" are energy storage devices which has a longer life and more charge density per unit volume than normal devices. i.e) They can store More energy in a small place. But the problem with these devices is that they store less energy than batteries and that's why they are under utilised.

Khare's Super Capacitor uses some special Nano Structures which can hold more energy and can charge at an extremely faster rate. She added that her device could charge a cellphone in just 20 seconds and could last for 10,000 cycles whereas normal batteries last only for 1000 cycles.

Eesha's device is so tiny that it fits into the batteries of mobiles. An Invention that could save the time of Millions of people

Really an awesome invention.