Spider bite - Erection inducer

Recently I came across a news that "Natural Viagra" is available... Here's that Shocking info (!!!!)

A strange spidey in Brazil not only gives us a painful bite but also an extremely poisonous neurotoxin that can cause long lasting 4 hours erection. The erection will be painful and cause discomfort. If untreated the person will die.

Recently researchers have found the chemical present in the venom which is responsible for erection. Further researches may help in finding a Natural Viagra which may help those who have erectile dysfunction.

This Neurotoxic venom works in a different manner than Viagra or other tablet does.

Science behind the erection : When brain senses sexual arousal it sends some stimuli to certain neurons which respond by producing nitrous oxide. The increased amount of nitrous oxide will inturn induce a series of biochemical reactions which finally ends up in erection.

The spidey's venom work the same way. The neuro toxin attacks the neurons and stimulates them to produce nitrous oxide and all other above mentioned reactions.

Synthetically manufacturing the venom by eliminating the toxic substances in it adding to the tablets may pave a way to a more powerful tablet

Source : http://www.livescience.com/4429-natural-viagra-spider-bite-erection.html