Top differences between men and women which occurred due to evolution

Do you know....??

During the course of evolution the parts which we use the most increase in size and efficiency with the decrease in efficiency of less used ones


When the humans evolved from monkeys at first they had the ability to climb trees but after they started more walking (as they were nomads) their ability to walk increased and consequently their ability to climb trees decreased

Then humans started to settle near river banks. Men will go hunting and Women worked as Home maker

Women :

As Women were all the day at home they had frequent interactions with neighbours and as a result their verbal abilities increased. They did their work even while speaking.

That's why a women can speak well than a Men can
A Women can guess what the person in front of her is thinking in just a look while Men Can't
With the increase in verbal skills the ability to memorize also substantially increased.
It's difficult to lie to a woman
They can multitask

Need a Proof...??? Just try this.. Ask your Mom / Wife / Sister / Girl Friend which color shirt you wore yesterday or some days before. They can answer this with 90% accuracy and if the same question is asked to you... You probably can't answer correctly.

Image depicts a women Multi tasking

Men :

As Men went for hunting they would chase down a particular animal and attack it by throwing weapons correctly on them and his concentration was only on that animal
That's he was able to calculate the speed of that animal on just a look

That's why Men can drive Better than Women can He can easily analyze the speed of vehicles coming in front of him and can drive accordingly. He can  During hunting if the prey causes injuries to him it will pain. But if memory of pain persists how he'll go back for hunting...???

That's the reason why Men has low memory powers compared to a women
Men's cant multitask. So don't try to