Smart Windows - A New way of Energy savings

A New Engineered coating to Glass windows can be used to block light or heat seperatively just by applying a small triggering voltage to it.

This means either you can block light or block heat or block both at a same time.

Controlling the amount of light and heat passing through the windows will help us to maintain the room cool in summer and warm in winter. According to US Energy Dept, about 4% of energy is utilized to compensate the heat loss or gain through windows.

Delia Milliron a Materal chemist at Lawrence Berkeley national laboratory and her team has developed a new material that could do this purpose.

Nanocrystals of Indium tin oxide which are used in flat panel displays when electrocuted will absorb more than 35% of the heat producing infrared radiations passing through the crystals.

Scientists used this material in combination with a glass made of Niobium oxide. These glasses darken when current is passed through them. The combination of these two resulted in a composite which remains transparent until a voltage is applied. Increasing the voltage will block the heat and light as the screen goes dark...