Doctors injected HIV to a baby to Cure her Leukemia

Doctor in Philadelphia Injected HIV into a 6 year old Girl baby suffering from Leukemia.

Emily a six years old baby girl who was suffering from Leukemia was given a Modified form of HIV and the girl's condition became severely ill as her body reacted to the newly introduced external agent but after several hours something remarkable happened.

The Girl was suffering from B-Cell Lymphoma a type of Leukemia in which B - Lymphocytes were infected.

After given chemotherapy for two years there was no improvement in her health condition. So her parents agreed to go with the new experiment so that atleast it could save some others in the future.

Leukemia a type of Blood cancer in which B-Lymphocytes of immune system will undergo rapid multiplication and kill humans.

First the immune cells of Girl's immune system were removed. Then a modified HIV virus was used to carry a modified gene into the "Immune Cells" that could boost the human immune system which will help the immune cells to spot the Cancer infected cells.

Then the Re Engineered immune cells were injected back into the baby.

HIV was here used just because of it's capacity to integrate a new gene into human cells.

"The way how we injected the newly modified gene into T - Lymphocytes (immune cells) is by using a virus.      There is no possibility of getting infected by AIDS and the only property of HIV which still remaining is it's ability to integrate genes into cells " said Pediatric Oncologist Stephan Grupp.

During treatment Emily became severely ill and she was taken to Intensive Care Unit. Due to the new entry of modified cells her immune system started to react against it. So she was given some drugs to block the activity of Immune cells without interfering into the action of the newly modified cells.

And Finally she recovered from her illness and the result was a complete success. The Modified cells tend to remain in her body as a shield against further attack of Cancer.

Hats off to the doctors and the parents who agreed for the experiment..

A new Milestone has been reached in treatment of Cancer